I’ve spent the better part of the day now at the computer, working on this site. The template is very cool but confusing…

Someone I respect once told me these words (paraphrased):

“Spending time on a website, Facebook, or anywhere else other than having the CONVERSATION does not get you anywhere.”

The “conversation” being referred to is the act of spreading the word about your business/band/music/product.

While I agree with this, I also think it is necessary to put the time in to get your website(s) looking and feeling the right way… to give off the right vibe… to be something that YOU would want to go visit. After all, if you don’t like it, why would you expect anyone else to like it?

So I sit here, toiling away at this site… trying to get it “just right.”

And in the end, I can only hope that it means something to our listeners.


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