This last week we posted our cover of “Weight of Love” by The Black Keys. It was an incredibly fun and challenging song to work on, as the original version is has such a rich production. Kaity had come in to the studio one day and mentioned how much she liked the song. After listening to it, we decided to see what we could do with it… see if we could record it in our own style.

IMG_1082It took about 5 hours to complete the music portion. Kaity first recorded a scratch vocal to help guide the music. Although we perform live with just an acoustic guitar, the music we are going for is more electronic. Most of the synths used were virtual synths (a LUSH-101 played a decent role), and the acoustic guitar was actually performed on the Epiphany EJ-200. Not sure why a better recording guitar wasn’t utilized… hmmm…

Kaity came in a did the vocals after everything else was done. That was a fun time. She has a sound in mind, which is so cool to experience.

After everything was done, we sent the song to be mixed by John Beard of Blackbeard Studios. He did an amazing job… there’s width, depth, and a landscape to the final mix. We can’t thank him enough for the time he put into this.

Here’s our version:

We shortened the song by about a minute, but overall, we hope it retains the essence of the original.

The EP we are recording right now is where our main focus is, but we are still doing some other covers of songs we enjoy. There’s something about taking a song and making it our own… it stretches our scope and helps us define the sound we are shooting for. “Weight of Love” was a big step for us, and we couldn’t be happier with the end result.

Thank you always for supporting us and for listening! Stay updated on all our doings whether it be from here or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


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