image1This last weekend we took a trip down to Durga Studio in San Diego to track vocals for our song, “Love Ain’t Always On My Side.” We arrived at noon and after saying hello to our producer, Alicia Champion, and the great Danielle LoPresti, we hunkered down in the studio to get some work done.

All I did was sit in the corner and try to keep quiet as Kaity worked with Danielle on the vocal track. It was so great to see the process. Alicia and Danielle knew what they wanted out of Kaity, and Kaity was definitely up for the task. I swear, there were moments after a take that all three (Alicia, Danielle, and I) of us said, “Wow.”

I’m looking forward to hearing the final version. The song has definitely grown from a quiet, QUIET track into something that involves more layers of intensity. As a songwriter, one of the scariest things I’ve experienced is to hear how much the song changes from the original demo to what the producer envisions.

The EP is coming along nicely. So far, the songs we have chosen are:

Love Ain’t Always On My Side

I Know You Can Hear Me Now

If You Want to Fly

Whether this is the final track listing remains to be seen, as we are constantly writing new music. We will be debuting a new song in the upcoming show at Nue Studio… maybe that one will replace something? I have no idea. It’s all in Alicia’s hands.

And that’s a great place for them to be!

Thomas, Danielle, Kaity, and Alicia

Thomas, Danielle, Kaity, and Alicia

One down, three to go.


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