IMG_1747I had been hoping to get Kaity to sing a Depeche Mode song for a while. At first, I thought <em>”Clean”</em> would be a good choice, but ultimately, “Condemnation” was the perfect vehicle for her voice.

I played the original for Kaity and she loved it. Much celebrating was done.

The recording process was painless. Kaity tracked a scratch vocal to a piano track and then I fiddled around with it until I found an arrangement and sound that fit not only the song but what we are doing as well.

Our cover has the song in B minor, instead of the major key found in the original version. In the end, I think our cover has more of a “Comfortably Numb” flavor to it than anything else.

The guitar solo at the end is actually done on a keyboard. It was actually played as a joke… I thought it would be funny to have a shredding guitar solo… surprisingly enough, I liked how it sounded and kept it in there.

Kaity then came in and tracked a final and harmony vocal. I think she nailed it.

John Beard of Blackbeard Studio mixed the track.

Here it is! Hope you enjoy and please let us know what you think!

Thanks to Mindy Milburn of Graphic Strike for the graphic.



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