with David Williams

with David Williams

August is going to be a fun month for us. We have three shows coming up, thanks to David Williams at Melrose Records. He has been so supportive and we are incredibly grateful for the invites to perform.

The last show at Nue Studio was awesome! The room sounded great… we debuted a new song in the setlist:

One and the Same

The Last Place That Love Lives

Love Me Anyway <– hey hey! new song!

Love Ain’t Always on My Side

I’d Rather Go Blind

Hmmmm… 3 of the 5 songs have the word, “love,” in the title. Hmmmm… interesting. No idea what that means… but it must mean something awesome.

IMG_2633We’d also like to thank Eddie Cunningham for the love. He’s a fantastic singer/songwriter that we met at the Bulldog Pub a few months back. His big heart and voice have been wonderful to experience… catch Eddie and his band, Brotherhood, playing around Southern California. They’re definitely a band you want to see!

This summer has been full of happenings. Thanks to all that are coming to the shows, listening to the music, sharing our stuff online… you have no idea how much it means to us!

Speaking of online, be sure to follow us on all these social media sites! Stay updated! We’ve got plenty of stuff coming up… the August show dates and times will be announced soon. You won’t want to miss it!





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