Thanks to David Williams for the pic!

Thanks to David Williams for the pic!

The Roar Room definitely lived up to its name. We arrived early and chatted with David Williams and Eddie Cunningham for a while about music and guitars before settling in to watch and perform.

What a night! We played 7 songs:

One and The Same

The Last Place That Love Lives

Love Me Anyway

Love Ain’t Always on My Side

I’d Rather Go Blind

If You Want to Fly

Pretty much the same setlist we’ve been going with all summer. It seems to flow well and feels dynamic. It’s always fun to play “I’d Rather Go Blind” because it gives Kaity a chance to really stretch herself vocally. She definitely delivered and made a lasting impression on the audience.

Someone asked Thomas if he is “the flood,” to which the answer is “no.” The question that arises after that is usually, “So who’s the flood?”

Always fun to have that conversation!

The new song, “Love Me Anyway” felt great on stage. We filmed the show so we’ll be posting the video soon!

Here’s “One and The Same” from the set…

The night was so exciting that Thomas couldn’t contain himself and passed out on the ride home…


Check out the photo gallery for more pictures from the night! Thanks to all that came out! We have 2 more shows this month! Hope to see you all there!!


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